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Magic happens

Magic Happens was written between 1999 and 2007 and comprises of 9 story poems for the young and the young at heart. Children and adults alike are swept up into fantastical worlds of fairies, monsters, angels and unicorns as each piece tells a story in rhyming couplets.

illustrations by Samira Harris.

Cost - £10.

Included in this series:
Finkymimp and Tanzy
Ally Wangle and the Humpergees
The Gluboo
The Dribbleman
Unit 4
Heather and the Unicorn
Dave Solo
Very Little Pepper

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A collection of modern fairytales
crafted in rhyming couples.


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All hail the 21st century

Illustrated by Adam Oehlers

There is a growing belief that the word 'God' is little more than a poetic expression for the Universal life force that runs through everything and everyone.  With religion, politics and the media leading us astray, how can we start to see clearly in a chaotic world?

To see what is not, is to see what is . . . (more)


Included in this series:
The answer
Self portrait of that lady
Big and little
All hail the 21st century
Forgive me
Footsteps of the west
Who are you?
Youf club
You say you don't know why we do it
Dark light
Quick fix
Dinner for two at the Hotel du Vin
You my parent, I your child
What women want
The question

All hail the 21st century (1st edition hardback with CD)

When I had no faith, I saw shadow, then I turned my head and saw light.

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Shift happens

Shift happens is a developmental collection circling the primary human choice from which all other choices are made: love or fear? Money, death, spirit, shadow, manifestation, quantum time and the nature of surrender are amongst the themes explored in this 18 piece collection of rhyming poems.

Included in this series:
Lasagne in Bethlehem
David Soames
What God said to the young man
Sunday morning
Survival guide
Me and Mrs Robinson
Lunah said
Raf and Elle's journey
The sea of now
The fox boy
The faerie boy
The lady garden
Tree of life
Thank you

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The story of the light bearer
Firstly, it’s important to note that the words ‘Lucifer’, ‘Satan’ and ‘the Devil’ conjure up images of fiery pits, temptation and darkness. These images have all been created by religion, and religion has been manufactured by man.

The essence of the real ‘Lucifer’ can be found in the story of his ‘fall from Heaven’ if we choose to tell it like this . . .
Included in this series:
The story of the light bearer (part 1)
Part 1

The story of the light bearer complete audio (15 mins aprox)

Both parts of The story of the light bearer are included in this download in studio quality MP3 audi...

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The Veronica chronicles

Veronica is missing something.  She doesn't know what it is, but she does know that she won't find it unless she leaves everything she knows and sets off into the unknown . . .

Included in this series:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Be your own hero
Be your own hero is a poetic expression of the warrior's journey that every man, woman and child on this Earth is invited to undergo.

The series is primarily story based, scattered with messages that speak directly to the reader about truth: truth is accessible by every human being, not outside themselves, but within.  Once the truth has been discovered by the human being, their experience of reality is restored and they begin to experience themselves as the creator and the created simultaneously.
Included in this series:
Leroy Foxtrot Ant
Nicholas' dream
The walk of the shaman
We the wanderers
The convict and the guard
Extinction of the predator
The Rockefeller mirror
Who should I marry?
Happy shopper
The wizard's child
Behind closed doors
The zero point field
How can we be One?
Friend or foe?
God Vs. WOMD: Ch 1: God is shit and sugar
God Vs. WOMD: Ch 2: The gift of pain
God Vs. WOMD: Ch 3: Disarming the weapons
Field of dreams
Notes on Extinction of the Predator
The Eclectic Series
Included in this series:
The world's last rose
2012 Cancer
Footprints on the road
Books for the world
Naked Zen for Robert Fallon
Sofa at the centre of the Earth for Matt Rivers
Sunny Day with the Fabled Fabians
Apple Pip
The poet and the cabin manager
Christmas GLove
A birthday boo for witchy woo
A fishy affair
Party on the hillside
The lost paedo-FILES
The truth about Easter
Uber Alpha - swan song for the big man's blind spot
LEGO - Everything is NOT awesome
Tiptoe Talitarian - like a thief in the night
Arrested for singing
Joy Cyliner X
Beyond the understanding of you
Nugget Punch
Young Pride
New sense
The prodigal son
The other son
The children's fire
Catching fire
Lonely little tit
Authentic hippy
Three hungry ghosts
Ode to a Fairy
Poetic portraits - a co creative project
Included in this series:
What sort of Freedom Fighter are you?
One love Onesie
Flying High on Radio ARA, Luxemburg
Shortbread and Sequins
Reflections of grief and celebration
The Rocky Horror Alcohol Burden
Aeroplane Anomaly
The Nightshade Riots
Whooping Cough
B.C to A.D to A.E
Don't be sad, Piglet
On my 18th Birthday
Who am I? Who are you?
Light on Shadow
Playmobil fairy fireman
Yet to be created
Batman and the Fiddler on the roof
Ode to Devon
As the actress said to the techie
The grass is always greener - a tribute to Robin Williams 21st July 1951 - 11th August 2014
Batman and the Fiddler on the roof
From Babylon to Shambala
I am Moses You are God
The Dream Keys
Included in this series:
Blank Canvas - diamond of the self
Supercharge your Life
Poetry dedicated to health and wellbeing, brought about by working closely with Skip, the Naked Health Detective on a rigorus 12 month plan.
Included in this series:
The supercharged adventure
Commissioned Poetic Portraits
There is a way to see EVERYTHING from the perspective of beauty, incorporating the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valour.

Consequently there is a way to say and to write any story from a profoundly beautiful perspective.  From this creative 'jumping off place' I write stories in rhyming couplets that flow like a river towards an abundant future for you, everyone around you, and the whole wide world.  This is the language of light.
Included in this series:
Angels and Superheroes
The Zen Garden
Spontaneous Poetic Portraits at the Fig 2 Exhibition
During the weekend of my week long solo exhibition at Fig 2, hosted in the ICA's upstairs gallery, I ran 23 spontanous Poetic Portrait sessions.
These were the results:
Included in this series:
The ripple effect
Breathing pines
The natural order of things
The unusual door
What dreams may come?
To you I've not yet met
Secret wisdom
All aboard
I am not subversive
Potentially unavailable
True love
The sea of choice
Label Free
We shall see
Where am I standing
The End times collection
A series for the awakening spirit in a post-covid world.  As the beast slinks towards the Behethlem of your heart, will you wake up in time?
Included in this series:
Gnome sweet Gnome
Zero Carbon
This way. This way
The House of Rising Grace
The Heart of th Pangolin
Boys come home