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Friend or foe?


NASA says the planet’s safe, that there’s no need to worry.
And yet the world seems poised for change and in a massive hurry.
America is sending troops to fight the Middle East.
The convicts at Guantanamo have still not been released.
Financial stocks are falling fast; Dollar, Euro, Pound.
Questions in the sky and yet no answers on the ground.
Is Elenin the sign the Hopi elders call Kachina?
Is Obama African or half Egyptian, half Hyena?
Was 9/11 an inside job to push the patriot act?
How many other cities in the world will be attacked?
Who exactly are the WHO?  Is their agenda clean?
Are they putting poisoned gasses in the air that can’t be seen?
Is it true that HIV is not a real disease?
Was the Lunar landing staged?  Will someone tell me, PLEASE!
I do not mean to sound like a freak or a fanatic,
And I know I have a tendency to lean towards dramatic,
But something really isn’t right upon our little home.
We can hide ourselves in dreadlocks, incense, build a geo dome…
But something’s coming, something big.  Will aliens arrive?
Do we all have to go to Denver Airport to survive?
Is Queen Elizabeth a frog? Is David Ike insane?
Do the Anunnaki want to flush our spirit down the drain?
If the end is here then should I stop watching porn?
As we hit galactic zero will we be reborn?
Why do they put fluoride in the water that we drink?
Why did they ban magic mushrooms?  What do people think?
When I look around I see a system near collapse.
But mostly I’m not scared because I know the truth… perhaps.
It’s not a guarantee and it may not work for you,
But I’d like to share it now if you’re prepared to hear me through:
I know that I’ve been ranting, but I’ve got a point to make –
This is only my opinion but it makes me feel awake:
None of it is relevant, all these epic questions.
No one has the answers – at our best we have suggestions.
The future isn’t written.  It is ours to craft and shape.
It makes no difference if we came from Alien or Ape.
The world may blow apart, or we could be enslaved
By a microchip that switches off if we’re not well behaved.
The Golden Age could start today; soft and slow, to tease us.
It could turn out that we’re immortal.  That would surely please us.
But whether it’s a suitcase nuke, a riddle or a lie,
The price for being human is the body seems to die.
But body death is not the end.  This life is just a fraction
Of what’s really going on in this cosmic chain reaction.
Earth is rising constantly to meet a new vibration:
A density that’s bringing forth an age of co-creation.
I think that we’re all rising with it.  Does this feel true?
The End times are aligning us so we can all get through.
I think the age of separation’s coming to an end.
The cosmic heart is waking.  Intuition is our friend.
And though we’re still perplexed by questions, ego-driven doubt,
The Ego is a tool that I could not do without:
As I let my heart’s vibration tell my Ego gently,
That I do not need a bigger penis or to drive a Bentley,
It also tells my Ego that its help is now required.
And please to stop this fighting, as we’re all a little tired.
Heart can drive the instrument I call the human being.
Ego can co-navigate and help the heart with seeing.
Heart can help the Ego feel; always be in flow.
And together they will co-create the world I wish to know.
When I think of life like this, the questions do not matter.
Questions answered only serve the need for Ego flatter.
The truth is that we do not need to know the ins and outs.
All we need to do is let the Heart dispel our doubts.
Thursday 29th September 2011 © Simon Welsh Poetry
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