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Poetic Portraits
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If you are one of the Forty Pilgrims and you are already familiar with both the concept of Poetic Portraits and the Language of light, you can click HERE to move on to the instructional section.

When people ask me, "What is a Poetic Portrait?" there are many different answers, and all of them are true.

Essentially, we sit down together, one to one, or one to two if you are a couple wanting to commission a portrait together, and the consultation process begins.  You may want your portrait to be a self relflective piece, or it may be a gift for someone else, in which case the portrait paints the picture of your relationship to another; friend, parent, child, partner, wedding, birthday, valentine, memorial, career change...

Every interview is unique, and there are no set questions, but by the end of the interview, usually an hour, I will have the image of what you have asked me to create.

All portraits are written in the language of light.

What is the language of light?

There is a way to see EVERYTHING from the perspective of beauty, incorporating the six heart virtues of: appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valour.

Consequently there is a way to say and to write any story from a profoundly beautiful perspective.  From this creative 'jumping off place' I write stories in rhyming couplets that flow like a river towards an abundant future for you, everyone around you, and the whole wide world.  This is the language of light.

Often it makes people want to cry, and it nearly always inspires unprecedented feelings of gratitude towards themselves.

Do you have a story?

Would you like to see it and hear it in the language of light?

If the answer is 'YES', then there is a Poetic Portrait for you.

THIS portrait, Angels and superheroes, commissioned by anonymous and shared with their permission, concerns a young woman who wanted to thank an older lady friend for being her coach and mentor and a profoundly important influence in her life.


If you would like to commission a Poetic Portrait as a gift for someone else or yourself, or if you would like to give the entire Poetic Portrait experience as a gift, then please:
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