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Zero Carbon


What is a virtue? Where does it lie?
Is it for everyone? Something we buy?
Is it the way we behave in the street
By wearing a mask, as we skip to a beat?
Does it involve feeling guilty and wrong?
Should we all kneel and, if so, for how long?
Most of us have friends of all different creeds;
Humans, these days, are a hotchpotch of seeds...
That were scattered or thrown in the gardens and fields
And what we see now are the various yields;
Asians and Africans; blacks whites and browns;
Chinese, Hispanic... in all of our towns.
Muslims and Hindus, Indians, Jews.
And EVERYONE wants to be wearing 'the shoes'
As we fight in the streets with our virtue on sleeve,
Determined to die for the things we believe:
If you are white take a knee and don't cease.
If you are black then beware of white police,
If you are Chinese you're in quarantine,
If you are gay no one cares. Trans is Queen.
If you're a parent beware CPS
If you're a child don't ever undress
For a drag queen or principal, TA or teacher;
If you see darkness, you know they're a creature.
If you're ‘low income’ beware 'the Estate';
The place that they promised you things would be great.
Identical houses, uniform roads.
Countryside murdered for soulless abodes.
If you are old you are useless. Goodbye.
You're a drain on society. No need to cry.
Just come and lie down. No you can't see your fam.
Just sign here, please and 'poof!' Midazolam!
If you're ‘self employed’ then beware of the tax
That the government try to attach to your backs
As they load up your payback on earnings and savings
So they get your Coconut. You just get shavings.
If you're ‘well off’ then beware of the ‘deal’
That loses you everything bar you next meal.
They don't plan to keep you. They'll make you poor too,
Until there's no difference between me and you.
And where, you might ask, does this all go from here?
The world has now gone irreversibly queer.
Are you outraged? Are you scared? Are you vexed?
What do you think they will do to us next?
4 words are coming. They'll be popular jargon:
Take note. Are you ready? "The war on CARBON."
It's the final chess move in their grand farty game.
It's very important. So let me explain:
When ‘terrorists’ rose up and made such a mess,
They declared we should wage war on terror. Oh yes!
“We’ll get them! We’ll bomb them! We’ll nuke them alive.
Collateral’s OK if no terrorists survive.”
Then we waged war on a ‘virus’ within,
We were made to be scared of what’s under our skin,
Forbidden to touch and forbidden to hug,
And all this to stop an invisible bug.
The Last war is coming. It’s End Times, you see,
So if you’re awake and you want to be free,
Remember that we are a carbon creation,
Made in God’s image, not for Schwab’s recreation.
So think about this as you leave for elsewhere:
Why does this matter? Why should you care?
If carbon is so bad we all need to cry:
Zero Carbon = ALL humans must die.
Simon Welsh Poetry © 16th November 2022
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