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This way. This way
The boy was here and then he went away.
And now he has returned to make a man of me.
In him I see reflections of the places in my being
Where kingdoms wish to be born.
The prisoner, the sex salve, the whore,
The addict, the glutton for punishment,
The tempted and the fallen:
They dwell in the dungeons 'neath the keep
Of an Abandoned castle
in the sleeping heart of a nameless kingdom,
Where the throne room has waited for me or for you.
"...The sound of trumpets falls from the sky like a leaden rain.
Peals of laughter rolling thunderously out of the clouds.
The sky rips open and, out of the nothingness without,
Terribly bright wonder begins to pour in..."
This was how it felt to be on Earth
When the angels came in bolts of light
That illuminated everything, but only for a moment.
And in one such flash,
the bolts on every dungeon door came loose
And the shadows came up into the light,
Freed from their bondage, living in bile and darkness.
"Face me, O Demon. I must behold thy face by the truth and the light."
And as the demon steps from the shadows,
the darkness falls away and underneath
Is an angel...
When the angel takes the throne in the throne room
We are home.
The thunder is coming. The trumpets are here.
I hear them in the sky.
The birds hear them too. They are moving differently.
"This way. This way."
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