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What sort of Freedom Fighter are you?

Happy Monday!

What should today's poem include? All ideas welcome. I promise to try to include EVERY idea in a poem how ever many there are! Keep the responses coming - share the post with friends and get them to join and co create some really interesting and weird stuff with me!!

Lots of love,

Simon x

When you’ve worked all week and had a weekend full of rain,
And on the Monday morning, the Sun comes out again,
It’s easy to imagine that simple little call,
“I can’t come in today. I caught a cold and had a fall.

“I really wouldn’t last the day. My lips are turning blue.
“My sparkle’s gone, I’m white as paper. Maybe I have Flu.”
We say these things and more, we say, to have that Sunny day,
To give ourselves some nurture and a little time to play.

And should we feel regret while we soak up needed Sun?
The wounded freedom fighter isn’t powerful or fun.
So in that phone call, get outlandish, show them you exist.
“I’m sorry Boss, I have to see my cosmetologist.

“I’m sorry. I’m backed up. I need colonic irrigation.
“I’m having bouts of flatulence and major irritation.”
The call will end quite quickly. And then you’re free to be.
You can sit and watch American elections on TV.

You can sit in your despair like a wounded freedom fighter.
Or be Stand for freedom and a world that’s getting brighter.
You can take that day and use it for the feeding of your soul.
And remember that your freedom is a universal goal.

11:55pm 5th November 2012 © Simon Welsh Poetry

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