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Tiptoe Talitarian - like a thief in the night
Brand new poem!!! INSPIRED BY


Tip toe talitarian - like a thief in the night

Firstly we were born and our mothers held us tight.
We wanted to explain to them our gift: the spark of light.
We knew that we were powered by a Universal Source
That gives life not just to human beings but everything, of course!

We took our mothers' milk, then our baby steps to walking,
And at the age of 2 or 3 our babble turned to talking -
But we did not talk of Truth, of the spark we brought to Earth:
Mostly, we'd forgotten all the things we knew at birth.

And then we had our nursery days, then school and then exams,
Teenage crushes, driving lessons; loads of awesome plans:
Independence, credit cards, a mortgage on a flat;
Marriage, children, family home; perhaps a dog or cat.

Now, while all this was going on a group of men did meet.
They all wore splendid suits and shiny shoes upon their feet.
And they, like us, were born into a certain kind of life.
But, unlike us, they were not raised in life's financial strife.

They'd never had to work to live. They'd never had to fret
About the cost of food and shelter or the paying back of debt.
Their houses were abundant and their fridges always full.
So, unlike us, they did not suffer life's financial pull.

Instead they were allowed to glide ABOVE the murky soup
That, for many of us, locks our every journey in a loop.
Politics and banking, like a game of 'BOOM OR BUST',
Taught them thoroughly that, not 'In God' but in money should we trust.

But money has no soul; has no care for human worth.
Money does not know about the spark that came with birth.
Money can't promote a world of balance or of grace
Unless directed for the good of the ENTIRE human race.

And this is known by those in suits and shiny leather shoes;
They have nearly ALL the money and they think they cannot lose.
They have funded dark technologies. They seek to kill the spark
That gives soul to everything beneath the Universal Arc.

They've developed toxic solvents for our food and land and sea.
Their goal: I think to mute the understanding we are free.
They are trying to kill the water. They are trying to kill the air
In the hope that, very soon, the human race will just despair.

And if we just despair; if we divorce ourselves from hope,
We might as well go shopping for the gallows and the rope.
It's time to drop the cover stories, tragedies and grief;
It's time to pull the carpet UP to see what's underneath.

Yes, it's truly terrifying, horrible and dark
What human beings deem important when they've lost their spark.
Yes, it's true Monsanto are as powerful as Law;
An entity that seeks destruction - always wanting more.

Yes, it's true the world is being poisoned, now, at speed.
Yes, it's true the 'Kindle' is a dangerous way to read.
Yes, it's true: our Governments, our banks, our institutions,
Have invested more in problems than in finding their solutions.

The New World Order's here. We have helped to make its bed.
World War III has started. It's not only in your head.
So if we want our freedom we must stand, as One, together,
Shining like a beacon with a spark that lives forever.

5:08pm 6th December ©2013 Simon Welsh Poetry

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