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2012 Cancer
2012 Cancer (mp3)


All of the buzz words and jargon aside,
I'd say 2012 is one hell of a ride!
The things that I think of are all coming true;
It's like that for me.  Is it like that for you?
If I think it won't work then it won't - that's for sure.
If I think that it will, I just open the door.
It's easy to fall in the face of confusion,
To trip on your feet and fall into illusion.
So this is the time to get anchored and true,
If you want to be able to navigate through:
Say "Nothing is real.  It's all just a game."
Let this be your mantra, your unfailing flame.
You may think I'm ignorant; stupid; naive;
A lost little soul who just wants to believe,
But let me be clear.  It's not always breezy.
Playing this game’s not supposed to be easy.
Some of the moves are most painful and stark,
Like being alone with a Spielberg shark.
There is pain.  There is suffering, death and defeat.
There are people who gorge while others don't eat.
Yes this is true, and it's hard and it's cruel,
That many can't read 'cause they don't go to school.
It's still just a game.  And when we can see it,
It helps us to play it; to live it; to be it:
Last autumn a man had a kidney removed.
His piss had turned red but, post-op, it improved.
The cancer was small but of quite a high grade -
So if this is a game, how should it be played?
Cancer: a game? What the fuck am a saying?
Maybe this is a game I don't want to be playing.
This cancer’s benign and they haven't found more.
“But six months of Chemo,” they said, “to be sure.”
This man's life has changed in the blink of an eye.
He's taken retirement.  He's learning to cry.
He's looking at life with a new pair of eyes -
And what he is seeing is such a surprise:
Brought up a Christian, he thought he knew God,
Though sometimes, in church, he felt separate and odd.
Now he is learning to witness himself
From a place you can't find in the books on his shelf.
He spoke to me, yesterday, quiet and calm,
Of a place called Surrender.  No hint of alarm.
He talked about Unity, Oneness and joy;
The pains that he suffered when I was a boy.
He spoke of an angel he met on the plane.
He now sees that loss is the pathway to gain;
He's traded Cliff Notes for The Power of Now.
How did this happen? Cancer is how.
I think he will live for a great many years.
Thank cancer: the teacher of conquering fears.
Fear kills faster than cancer for sure.
Fear can paralyse us to the core.
So these are my thoughts on this man that I know;
The Universe booted him back into Flow.
And now he sees how to surrender to life,
My Mum is most pleased because she is his wife.
15th February 2012 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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