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Sunny Day with the Fabled Fabians
Sunny day

Another little poem for a really happy day,
The sun is shining; children in my garden want to play.
In and out the pool we jump, and then into the tub,
It bubbles with hot water; a happy little 'glug'.

And when the sun goes down to bed, the water vapour rises.
Filling up our heads with steam and other fun surprises.
The stars above the tub are gleaming, smiling back to Earth.
This life is what I asked for and it fills me up with worth.

Thank you to the Fabian, the Newland and the chicks;
Three angelic tinker stinkers throwing dogs for sticks;
Jumping on the Simon, in the hot tub, in the pool.
And then alfresco lunch for eight; enough to feed us all.

So, though sometimes this life is grim, and sometimes makes me sad,
I look around today and feel nothing short of glad,
The destination, undefined, I do not know the way.
But at this very moment, I am here, in TODAY.

One moment, one freqency, one love.

23rd July 2012 © Simon Welsh Poetry
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