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The ripple effect
Why is it I patronise the arts the way I do?
Partly, I suppose, because the artist's going through
The most creative cosmic process with their finger on the vein
And their ear to the zeitgeist in a way I can't explain.

It feels good to think that in, perhaps, a dozen years,
I'll hear on the grapevine in the usual way one hears
That an artist I once sponsored is an influence for all
And the world is paying interest to their every rise and fall.

To be in flow with such a process gives me heart to smile.
After all, we're only on the Earth a little while.
I don't do it to be fancy or to show that I am chic.
I do it just for pleasure.  And my name, I shall not speak.

This was a poetic portrait written for a visitor to my Fig2  solo exhibition at the ICA in January 2015.

What is a Poetic Portrait?

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