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New sense

Do you remember life before the day that you were born?
If not, does this suggestion raise your interest or scorn?
Do you think it’s possible your body is a home
For a piece of cosmic energy that really wants to roam?

Can you feel this energy within you and around you?
Could it be that, in your present life, it hasn’t found you?
Could it be you’re waiting for permission to explore?
You’ve knocked and you have waited. Are you ready, now, for more?

Are you seeking peace with your memories of pain?
With your broken expectations? your relationship to shame?
When you gaze upon the bathroom mirror who is looking back?
Do they see you full of worth or do they see you full of lack?

Here’s a piece of truth for you. It’s tiny and it’s vast.
All of us are carrying our baggage from the past.
We heap it on our backs and we lug it through the present,
And then we seem to wonder why it doesn’t feel pleasant.

The reason that we carry our resentment and our grief,
That we fill our every pocket with a lack of self-belief,
Is that, secretly, we do not want to go beyond the door;
The door that we have knocked on, claiming we want more…

Everything we’ve ever wanted lives out there. We know.
And now we’re on the threshold we’re not sure we want to go.
If we do, will we come back from out beyond the void?
Our worries and our doubts have been strategically deployed.

Can we welcome vulnerability? It plays a crucial role
In this game of ‘hide and seek’ that we our playing with our soul.
Most of us are taught that vulnerability’s a curse.
So let us now dispel this myth in painting and in verse:

26th November 2013 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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