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A fishy affair
A fishy affair

Violetta was a shark who lashed the walnut whip;
She loved to eat up sailors as they climbed aboard their ship.
But more than eating sailors, Violetta loved to sing...
An under water sonar song; you know the kind of thing?

The music spiraled up and out, rippling the water.
Her songs were all incredible; some longer, and some shorter.
And one day, Violetta made a sharky birthday wish...
That she would like to meet the fabled Cloe Jackson fish.

Her wish was strong and driven by the heart of good intention.
So even though she was a shark, it left the 3rd dimension,
And in the void between the worlds the wish became a prayer,
And, just as if by magic, Cloe Jackson fish was there.

And now it's said that Sharks and fish can often swim together;
They've learned to be good mates, even during stormy weather.
And sometimes, on a Sunday, they might swim across for lunch;
We can flap our ruddy tales amidst laughter, while we munch!

A Sunday lunch invitational piece for Michelle Crozier and Cloe Jackson.

14th February 2013 © Simon Welsh Poetry
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