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True love
Some would say I'm stubborn; I'm deliberately 'no';
Deliberately walking not the way I'm supposed to go,
And perhaps there is some truth in this; a little grain or two.
But when I stop and breathe so I can truly think it through

It's not 'cause I'm a woman from the Pakistani culture,
And nor  am I concerned that I'm a zebra for a vulture,
Instead I've come to see through the nature of the heart,
Through the eyes of creativity; contemporary art,

That the natural state of love is like the flowing of a river.
When I meet this love it makes my soul and body shiver.
I've met this love in paintings, sketches, prints and poetry,
And now I think I'm ready to instil this love in me.

poetic portrait for anonymous
Saturday 31st January 2015 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

This was a poetic portrait written for a visitor to my Fig2  solo exhibition at the ICA in January 2015.

What is a Poetic Portrait?

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