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We the wanderers
We the wanderers (mp3)

The End.
Today I walked the corridors of splendid learning.
The walls were lined with ideas.
Each one carried a tone of its own uniqueness.
As I read them, they tasted one another in my mind,
Merging themselves into new and wonderful things.
The corridors of splendid learning are vast;
A maze of wonder for the wanderer of End Times,
Resources for the heart, full of clarity and form,
And practical application methods for Unconditional Love;
Blueprints for what a multidimensional future can look like;
Paintbrushes and canvases for every Human Being
To paint the future they want to live in.
I painted our collective consciousness
Living through the hearts and seeing through the eyes of millions of people everywhere.
The picture made me cry because it was so beautiful.
The Beginning.

© Simon Welsh Poetry 28th October 2010
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