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Boys come home

Where did all our boys go? They went off to fight a war

In Afghanistan or Syria; they just walked out the door

With “I must for King and Country. You’ll be proud of me one day.”

And they climbed into the tank… and the tank just rolled away.


But it’s OK, it’s fine. Your child’s fighting for a cause.

But what’s the cause? Our freedom. See? That’s why there are wars.

Right now our boys are out there. They’re in Turkey and Ukraine,

Teaching refugees and local lads the tricks they can’t explain.


Our boys are teaching other peoples children how to kill,

How to move just like a shadow, how to march and how to fill

Not the chambers of the heart but the chambers of their guns

That were purchased with the money that was raised for Priests and Nuns.


And when our boys have finished training all those local men,

Those men are shipped to us disguised as “refugees again.”

Hotels are now filling up with men of fighting age.

They’re being given food and shelter. Probably a wage.


And one day soon a bell will ring. The hotel doors will open

And out will flood the armies that the UN have just woken.

They’ll come and kick our doors in if we do not just comply.

They’ll haul us off to wellness camps come kick or scream or cry.


We’ll call our boys to save us from this ‘sudden’ ‘rude’ attack.

And that is when we’ll see the truth. No one’s got our back…

Our boys aren’t here to save us. They are fighting for the cause

While the men they trained come pouring out to smash in all our doors.


So boys, we love you, please come home. Your country needs you most.

Get yourself home NOW because our country’s nearly toast.

We need you to protect us from the armies of the dark.

So hear our prayer and know it speaks to our shared sacred spark.


9th January 2023 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

Dedicated to John O’Looney for having the heart and the courage of the lion of Christ.

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