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Survival guide

If Time is like a motorway, and we are like the cars,
And our planet is the beating heart of trillions of starts,
Then Time is speeding up. There are no two ways about it.
As signs unfold we feel the truth though some of us still doubt it.

Huge events are happening in quickening succession:
Tsunami here, election there, and everywhere recession.
As money falls to pieces and our power structures crumble,
Some of us will make the grade. Some of us will stumble.

The rulers of the world have waged a global war on us.
Are we going to take it quietly? Submit without a fuss?
They’re sending us to War in the name of God or Allah –
But they give us all machine guns so that we may die with valour.

As our planet shifts in consciousness, it’s we who must decide;
Do we believe our governments or do we think they’ve lied?
Do we believe Religion, in the power of the Church?
The Church of USA left New Orleans in the lurch.

But close behind the scenes there’s a current rising high;
Soaking through the backdrop that the CIA deny.
The precession of the Equinoxes almost now complete,
It is time to take our world back from this self-proclaimed elite.

All there is to do is live in hope that it will happen.
As the cosmos clicks and Capricorn is overcome by Saturn.
And although this storm surrounds us, at the centre life is calm.
If we’re standing here, we’re safe. We won’t come to any harm.

And this is how it's always been with kindred far and wide.
When our spirit’s opened upwards we can fit the world inside.
Seeing, knowing, thinking, feeling; all become a pleasure
As we fully understand that being human is the treasure.

Many of us wander, looking left and right and down.
But 'up' is where we came from, where we used to wear the crown,
And where we are returning to. Can’t you feel the tension
As our planet is invited back to join the fifth dimension?

Signs are coming, watch for them: circles in the crops,
Northern Lights, climate change, the closing down of shops.
As our current cultural structure crashes down around our ears
It is time to live in love, not in service to our fears.

So do not fight these changes as they spring into existence.
They are here to pave the way for us so we may go the distance.
The conduit is closing.  It is time to take the deal.
Time to wake up now, from this dream we thought was real.





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