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Nugget Punch

When you look into the mirror and you look upon your eyes,
Do you look inside, beyond your outward bound disguise?
Who are you inside? Do you feel lost or found?
Do you feel you are free or like your arms are tightly bound?

Do you think you're beautiful or ugly or plain?
D'you flow in forward motion or d'you stop and then explain?
Does the word 'tomorrow' fill your heart with joy or dread?
Are you thinking sad or happy thoughts at night in bed?

Do you have folk around you? Do you trust them? Do you not?
Would you rather give them nothing, or everything you've got?
When you take time alone is it anxious? Is it calm?
Do you trust that you are safe or do you fear you'll come to harm?

Nothing's black and white - there are varying degrees.
But 'NO' to even ONE of these can bring us to our knees.
It's time for letting go of agendas filled with stress,
And on each and every one of these, to move from 'NO' to 'YES'.

30th June 2013 03:21am © Simon Welsh Poetry
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