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Label Free
When you live for years in a singular location,
It is possible to stumble into boredom or frustration,
And living all my life between Bhutan and Nepal,
It was easy to be restless as I didn't have it all.

So I brought myself to London and I blended with the city;
I learnt the double standard that is smooth and also gritty,
And still this restless feeling dances havoc in my heart
And is often activated when I see a piece of art

That speaks in whispers and in rumbles in the languages of light;
They rumble past and future and they whisper day and night,
Reminding me I'm restless and I cannot stay for long.
I must leave before I'm labelled.  Labelling is wrong!

Poetic portrait for a man with no name and no label
31st January 2015 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

This was a poetic portrait written for a visitor to my Fig2  solo exhibition at the ICA in January 2015.

What is a Poetic Portrait?

I followed a tweet  Where exactly am I?
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