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Ode to Devon

 - commissioned by her father Darren

I cannot tell you what it means
To look into your eyes
And see the hope that dances there
Like tiny fireflies

I cannot guarantee you
I will always get it right.
I cannot say for certain that
The future's clear and bright.

I can, hower, tell you that
The day you were conceived,
Something in me woke
That I would never have believed.

The Flame of Hope; the Flame of Truth;
The purity of Love.
It flowed up through my feet.
It poured down from above.

I looked upon your Mother.
It made me want to cry
With acceptace for the choice we'd made:
You, and she, and I.

I knew it would be challenging.
Your Mother knew it too
But you knew something different
And you brought that something through.

And now you're here, teaching us
To be who we can be.
In every little smile
You remind your Mum and me.

Deven, you're an angel
And you've come to bless our lives.
And, daily, you are showing us that
Hope is pure.  It thrives.

Friday 6th June 2014 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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