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Sofa at the centre of the Earth for Matt Rivers
Beautiful wonderful man, Matt Rivers. Here is my birthday gift to you:

Sofa at the centre of the Earth

Mr. Rivers, what a gift to have you in my life.
There was once a time I wanted you to have me for a wife.
We met upon a Chesterfield, drunk and full of joy;
We talked frankly, man to man, and we giggled boy to boy.

Back then your name was Brown and you found it hard to flow.
Just like mine, your path was murky, tricklesome and slow.
And as we learnt to open to the Universal way,
The dark night of the soul gave in to Life's eternal day.

And as the flow of Love increased, your trickle found its Rivers,
And though, without your shirt on, it still gives me pleasant shivers,
I see you as a brother and I'm thankful for the gift
Of knowing you and loving you as we go through this shift.

Life is unpredictable. We do not have control.
And, though the Ego wrestles, we are guided by our soul.
I’ve learnt from you. You’ve learnt from me. Surrender is the key.
It isn’t always easy but . . . that’s how it’s meant to be.

I see the man that you've become; open, bright and true.
And though there is no map I know we'll find the pathway through.
Rivers always find the path; meandering, they wind
Through hills and valleys, mountainscapes: their purpose is defined:

To find the Sea and join, once more, the great expanse of One,
To play and dance with dolphins, to be vaporised by Sun,
To form the clouds and sing with wind, condense in falling rain,
And then to kiss the mountain tops and start the course again.

Knowing you is priceless in this little human life,
And now I am your brother I don't need to be your wife.
All we need to do is let the cosmic heart deliver;
The Sea, I hear, doesn't turn away a single River!

14th July 2012 © Simon Welsh Poetry

So much love to you, Brother,

Simon xxx
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