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Who should I marry?

Marry yourself to all that there is. It’s the only way to go.
Marry yourself to all that there is. It’s all you need to know.
Marry yourself to the light, the dark; marry yourself to the poor;
Marry yourself to the lies and the truth. There’s always room for more.

Marry yourself to the riches and wealth; marry yourself to the slums.
Marry yourself to the mines and the sewers; marry the moment that comes.
Marry the changing, marry the fixed; marry the weather, for sure;
Marry the knowledge: transition is good; marry the opening door.

Marry the schools; marry the churches; marry the sinners and saints.
Marry the artist who does not create; marry the artist who paints.
Marry the living; marry the dead; marry the fact that you’re here.
Marry your laughter, marry your tears; marry the presence of fear.

Marry the future. Marry the past. Marry the frequency change.
Marry yourself to the quantum release; marry yourself to the strange.
And as you engage in this wondrous play, sometimes you’ll stumble and fall.
But always and audible, simple and plain there’s a constant magnificent call.

Light a candle now. If you haven’t got a candle it means that someone else has lit yours for you.

© Simon Welsh Poetry 6th February 2011
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