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Arrested for singing

Arrested for Singing:

Today I was arrested for the power of my voice.
I didn't get arrested by design or wilful choice.
They arrested me for singing with my blessed heart and soul.
Do they understand that freedom for humanity's my goal?

They say I was arrested for ignoring what they said.
But that wasn't how it happened in my heart or in my head.
I was standing in the crowd when the music set me free,
And in that heightened state let me explain what I could see:

Three men standing near me in the bustle and the noise
As we sang for hope and freedom: I was singing with the boys!
I looked into their eyes and I sang with all my heart,
And in that breath I saw that we'd been brothers from the start.

I did not see their helmets, did not register their word.
The lyrics and vibration of the anthem's all I heard.
I did not see their authorship. All I saw was kin
And my heart confirmed this truth and welcomed these three brothers in.

The beauty of this moment was both empty and complete.
My eyes were streaming tears and I couldn't feel my feet.
And then, without a warning, I was pounced upon and grabbed.
I started, then, to understand. The understanding stabbed:

These brothers work for forces that care nothing for the heart,
And, though the policing uniform's presentable and smart,
It's like the cell I'm sitting in: solid, square and bleak.
No room in here for questions or the answers that we seek.

The uniform, the cell: I think they truly are the same;
And in this felling I let go the need to point and shame.
Our brothers and our sisters - they are trying to do their best
In a system that is broken and that needs to be addressed.

But how does one address an institution of control
That's been corrupted by an entity that does not have a soul?
The law has been corrupted by financial corporate might.
No ONE is responsible. There's no one here to fight.

So how do we say 'No' to the Corporate agenda?
Who, if not the police, will be humanity's defender?
As I sit here in this prison cell I know not what to do,
Though I feel the answer stirring in the hearts of me and you.

Tuesday 10th September 2013 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

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