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The Heart of th Pangolin
I'm pulling my energies in.
I can feel something coming.
I stand looking forwards
At myself looking back.
He smiles and his eyes are dancing.
"This way. This way," he calls.
As I take another step
The ground appears beneath my foot as it lands
In the next space in front of me.
And so the bridge appears in the space between two worlds,
Time begins to collapse inwards,
Things become condensed.
What was achievable in a week
Has been accomplished in a day.
Everything is a gift.
My mouth opens and the right words come out.
Sometimes too fast and always more than necessary;
One of the joys of being human.
Every day the scales fall from my eyes.
I exclaim "I can see!" always like a child,
Delighted by the gift.
I look at old things with new eyes,
New wisdoms spring into available language,
In words I can easily pluck from these sudden new arrivals;
And then something happens.
Something deeper. Something more.
Something to share in observation,
Something to willingly explore.
I have you holding my hand while you read this,
So I don't feel scared. I am not alone.
And in that moment, more scales drop
And I think, "how young I was a moment ago,
"And how wise I am becoming now."
But now I know it won't be long before I see another new thing.
And the scales will drop again.
There is a thrill that accompanies this Truth,
And when I let it rush through me like a cheeky electric wind,
It makes me giggle with nervousness
And I smile the possibility in to land like an aircraft
of tomorrow's precious cargo
being parked like a stocking on the end of my bed.
Simon Welsh Poetry © 18th April 2020
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