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You say you don't know why we do it

If you’ve never done them then you don’t know what you’re missing:
The doctors say depression – issues with your pissing.
But have the doctors done them, or just studied from reports?
The doctor’s cannot know what it’s like to lose your shorts
In the mayhem of that orgiastic swell of pure vibration,
As you dance in just your pants in ecstatic recreation.
The music feeds your soul in the language of your body,
As it shows you how to move yourself beyond the slow and ploddy.
Your limbs take on a consciousness you never knew they had.
And once you know you can’t forget.  To try would send you mad.
The people that you meet, the conversations that you learn;
They are sometimes worth a come-down and the after-gurning burn.
But now I need to tell you that it’s not all dance and song.
If you don’t respect them they will make your brain go wrong.              
It’s unlikely you will die though it has been so before:
Someone drowned in water once, collapsing on the floor.
But apparently that night the club had turned off all their water –
They were thinking of the money; didn’t care she was a daughter.
So what’s the point?  Experience.  But sensible and slow.
If you’re doing drugs you’re not a child, so you know.
Don’t go boshing sweeties like there’s someone there to catch you.
If you’re dumb there won’t be time for medics to attach you
To the life support that would have saved your parents’ hearts from breaking.
So don’t accept from dealers who are grey and cold and shaking.
They’ve been using needles, which is quite a different thing.
They’ll tell you that their scag will make your spirit want to sing.
DO NOT touch their products.  Do not even touch their hands.
It’s tempting curiosity and belts or rubber bands.
Some have said that pot and pills will lead to harder drugs,
But are you buying from your loved ones or just picking up from thugs?
Mr McKay said that drugs are bad.  “They’re bad, M’kay?”
But if you live your life to wake up happy every day,
I think you will be sensible.  Rely on friends, not strangers.
Through E’d-up eyes the world looks pure but don’t forget the dangers.
I double-dropped tonight ’cause I wanted to explore.
My friends all know and love me and they’re with us on the floor.
And that’s the way I chose it ’cause I’m learning who is me.
I love my life.  I want to stick around.  There’s more to see.  





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