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The children's fire


Since social customs started, there are those who’ve held the flame,
To illuminate the pathway. It has always been the same.
We have sat in sacred council for decisions great and small;
For even small decisions will, in time, affect us all.

Our predecessors knew that for a council to be good,
Life’s most natural balance must be known and understood.
So they looked out into nature and they saw that balance came
When the masculine and feminine unite as wick and flame.

They also saw in nature that all parents put their young
At the centre of all processes before they are begun.
In doing this they guarantee (as far as creatures can)
The stability of future generations of their clan.

So, in every council seat both a man and woman sat.
Neither was the senior. It didn’t work like that.
They also pledged allegiance to their very precious young,
As animals in nature had since all the worlds begun.

And, always to remember that, however thin the line,
These promises were sacred vows both human and divine,
That, like the balance needed when you’re walking on a wire.
Council men and women must invoke the Children’s Fire.

You must set it at the centre of the places where you meet,
In a building if you wish, or in a circle in the street,
And if, together, we return to balance and to grace,
Council may yet lead the way for ALL the Human Race.

Dedicated to Kate Taylor-Smith, Parish Councillor, Forest Row
And inspired by ‘Mac’ Macartney for bringing the Children’s Fire into my conscious thinking

24th January 2014 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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