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Naked Zen for Robert Fallon
Written for my dear friend, Robert on his 40th birthday:

Once there was a wizard with a lot of wild hair,
His beard, made of quantum thread, had several yards to spare.
His glow was red. His yang was strong; his energy was deep.
The path he climbed, precarious and often very steep;

He rarely chose the easy way - he knew it wouldn't serve -
So he made his way, the harder way, a constant upward curve.
Sometimes he felt heavy, and sometimes he felt light.
Sometimes he forgot to flow; he tried to hold on tight.

But then his magic beard would speak the quantum 'YES',
And remind him to disrobe himself, to mentally undress.
And freedom would explode through his body from his heart,
Filling him with wisdom and the strength to play his part.

So if you see a naked wizard running through the wood,
It means the world is balancing. It means the world is good.
Awakening has started. We're coming home again,
So let us ALL get naked for the paradigm of Zen.

Happy Birthday you gorgeous naked Zen wizard ginger warrior Adonis!

Lots of love, Simon Welsh 05/07/2012
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