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Authentic hippy
If I told you what I think, I don't know if you'd believe me.
If I told you how I feel, you might say that they 'deceive' me.
If I told you what I've seen, you might laugh and turn your back,
And you may not wish to look.  Perhaps you'd rather double back.

This is not a problem. It is just how it should be.
The 'constant conversation' is designed to set you free,
By showing you reflections of the places where you fight,
With a constant opportunity to step into the light.

The hippies have it sussed with the drive to live in love,
To be gentle, to be loving on the Earth plain, as above.
And yet we see the corporations marching firmly on,
In the context of a species that has gone completely wrong.

We measure all our things and stuff, we panic and take.
We judge our fellow humans. We don't give ourselves a break.
The conversations we are having seem to make us free,
But almost all of them are lacking in integrity.

Do you know people in your life who say they'll be on time,
They'll meet you for a meeting or perhaps a glass of wine.
And then they don't show up, nor do they say they're running late.
And when you point this out, they get unusually irate.

"I'm flowing with the Universe," they say in outraged voices.
"I'm letting God or Goddess help me flow into my choices.
"I'm being moved by spirit, and you do not understand
"That my 'flowing' way of being is what's giving YOU a hand."

I've heard this line a million times, I used to just accept it.
And now I feel peaceful to declare that I reject it.
If we cannot be our word, we just aren't being real.
And using the 'excuse' of 'flow' will not help us to heal.

It's time for all of us to truly raise the group vibration.
The locomotive's ready. We're about to leave this station.
And where is it we're going? Do we know or even care?
I gues it's Rumi's field and I guess "I'll meet you there."

10th April 2014 © Simon Welsh Poetry
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