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Blank Canvas - diamond of the self
Birth is quite remarkable. It brings us into being;
Into physical reality: thinking; feeling; seeing.
And quickly we are filled with data, stories, things and stuff.
And we are so damn curious: we just can't get enough.

In those early years the environment's our teacher:
Nature tries to care for us like every other creature.
But we are educated less by nature, more by people,
And school and advertising slogans made for shaping sheeple.

We are not taught creatively. We're taught to imitate,
And we're handsomely rewarded if we do not deviate.
But if we play outside the box we're told to play within,
Culture calls it 'deviant'. Religion calls it 'sin'.

We're told it's not O.K to do what's not been done before –
The system cannot measure us. It cannot keep a score.
But how can creativity be measured on a scale?
How can creativity be graded: pass or fail?

I think you know the Truth, my friend. I think you have the answer,
Even if you're not a poet, sculptor, painter, dancer.
Even if your passion is defined by what you know,
Would you not agree that there's another way to go?

In order to make sense of this, to really understand,
We have to journey inwards, heart to heart and hand in hand:
When you were a child, did you dream of great success?
Were you also taught that this is something to repress?

Did you compromise your dreams in the fear of exclusion?
Desperate for the right to be a cog in this illusion,
Working hard 5 days a week, playing hard for 2,
Telling everyone you meet your dreams have all come true?

Modern culture says that we must ALL be mediocre –
If we refuse, we’re branded: she’s a rebel; he’s a joker.
‘Society’ dictates that we all behave this way,
So the status quo can mould the shape of every single day.

So what about your dreams and wishes. Are they still alive?
Do you have the courage, now, to really let them thrive?
Will you let your style out to challenge who you’ve been,
Are you willing, now, to let yourself be truly seen?

Will you let your style guide you, always fresh and new?
Will you hear its truthful whispers, whispering to you?
Will you let it show you why there’s no such thing as ‘should?’
So you can show Society that Truth is ALWAYS good.

When you’re ready, truth will call on you to raise your style,
Like a flag that makes you you; the flag that makes you smile.
And, like the Hill at Glastonbury 3000 years ago,
They’ll see your flag from far away. It shows them where to go.

19th June 2014 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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