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Wednesday: I'm going to Luxemburg tomorrow for a few days - Luxemburg radio, showcase in a cafe and a client party in town... never been to Luxemburg before. Very exciting. What should today's poem include. Please keep your suggestions coming in, my energy comes from your engagement. Post this on friends walls and get them to come back here and join the partry! Simon Welsh Poetry. Here's what's been created already in the last 4 days with your help. Share, comment, LIKE and prosper, Simon xx


Where is it I'm going? What is it I'm for?
What is it I’ll find when I walk outside my door?
Bilbo found adventures with some musketeer dwarves,
But he had to ride a pony. He was too small for a horse.

Me, I’m going to Luxemburg to share myself anew
With a bunch of folk that I have never met or spoken to.
My hope, my expectation, is that I will shine a light,
Like a candle in the window that is always burning bright.

But expectation leads to disappointment, don’t you know?
So now I must endeavour to surrender to the flow;
The flow of life. Wherever it may lead, I cannot say.
Offer up my expectations? Why should I? No way!

But quietly I know that if I seek something specific,
The outcome will be disappointment; painful and horrific.
It’s not like I’m Obama with another 4 year plan,
“So surrender your agenda. You will blossom then, young man.”

Who said that!?

10:55pm 7th November 2012 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

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