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What would people like to hear a poem about today? Big love, Simon x

Children sit and listen to the pointy hatted wizard.
They crowd and swirl around him like a cyclone or a blizzard.
He whispers soft majestic words that almost none can hear,
But children have a way of hearing magic very clear.

They take the eggs he offers them, all intricately painted,
And, as instructed, sit alone to get themselves acquainted.
Eggs need peace and quiet if you want to hear them sing;
So sit with yours in solitude, and tell it everything.

Tell the egg your secrets and your worries and your dreams.
Show the egg your smile and sorrows and your screams.
Let the egg befriend you with abundance and with light.
And at the end of every day, kiss your egg goodnight.

One day soon, your egg will hatch. The shell will crack and shatter.
And out will pop a chicken who just loves to play and chatter.
Keep your chicken safe and warm. That’s the final key.
And I know all this is true because it happened once to ME!

4th November 2012 © Simon Welsh Poetry

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