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Christmas GLove

A little bit provocative perhaps: But what's wrong with that? I wrote this for channel 4 a few weeks ago - it wasn't quite what they were looking for but still good to add to the collection:

Christmas GLove

Christmas is a time for giving.  That’s what people say.
So out we go to bargain hunt, to fill up Santa’s sleigh.
But what to buy and what to give the people that we love?
For some, our Christmas actions are reviewed by HIM above.

For others who do not feel watched, the focus is elsewhere:
“Will they like the gift I give them?  Will they even care?”
And, either way, we buy those gifts, at discount if we can,
Whether we driven by our guilt or God’s great plan.

And then there are the scornful ones who think we’ve all gone mad:
“Look at them all panic buying right into this fad!”
But these folk are resentful and they blame the Institution
And the propagandist media:  they hope for revolution.

But none of us are right or wrong.  It’s just that we are driven
By our Godly paranoia, or the fear or being given,
Or resentment of the status quo: commercialising love.
So let’s unmask the hand of giving.  What’s beneath this glove?

Giving is an action that’s appropriate to do,
When we’re driven by our gratitude – that’s when giving’s true.
And it doesn’t have to be a gift you give on Christmas day,
If you want folk to know you love them should you have to pay?

“Let me rub your shoulders.  Let me do the washing up.
“You’re moving house in seven months.  I’ll help you with my truck.
“Let me weed your garden.  Let me drive you to the shops.”
Gratitude will make you want to pull out ALL the stops.

But if don’t feel gratitude towards your Christmas folk,
Pretending to be grateful is dishonest.  It’s a joke.
What is it you’re feeling for the people that you ‘love?’
This question is what’s hidden by that fabled Christmas glove.

Wednesday 5th November 2012 ©Simon Welsh Poetry
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