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A birthday boo for witchy woo

The witch was quick and clever too;
Her spells were hidden in her shoe -
But not there did the lawmen look:
Instead they took her magic book.

But, back at Court, it seemed to be
The book was just a recipe
For deviled eggs and seeded bread -
No spells to fill the heart with dread.

So, what they did - you'd never think -
Was order up the finest drink
To guzzle down with bread and eggs -
Right down to the final dregs.

But, Oh, what folly; Oh, what woe
Befell the folk who guzzled so.
That recipe: a spell, indeed,
For worm, and slug, and centipede.

The Inquisition, cursed for good,
All slithered off to yonder wood,
And there they live, I've heard it said,
On deviled eggs and seeded bread...

Clever old Witch! Happy Birthday Aud lady!

Masses of love to you from me on this auspicious day,

Simon x

14th February 2013 © Simon Welsh Poetry
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