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Notes on Extinction of the Predator
I am unpacking a theory at the moment from somewhere outside my known memory.. it has to do with predation (being a preditor / competition consciousness) versus symbiosis (the operation mode where every action serves for the greatest and highest good for the indivudual and for the collective simultaneously).

My theory is that symbiosis lives in heart consciousness and is therefore already a part of all living beings, and predation lives in head consciousness, which sits on top and therefore crushes symbiosis, making it inaccessible for us to use as a model to operate our lives from.

The joy of this realisation is that we don't have to learn anything new! The wisdom that we need is OLD, not new. So all we have to do (easier said than done for me at the moment) is sink our awarness of where our primary consciousness lies, down from the head, and into the heart, where symbiosis lives. Then head consciousness will fall into the secondry role, the co-navigator of the human instrument, and the heart is the primary navigator.

There's a theory I heard from a man called J Harmon Grahn about how predation first entered into human consciousness when we stopped following the heards and started fixed settlement farming and fixed growing communities... the need to 'compete' with other settlements. Do they have more women than we do? Do they have more food? Might they attack us? Should we attack them first? etc... and that aspect of human consciousness has stayed in our systems ever since, and now manifests in supermarkets where we see brands producing the same goods as one another, competing for our purchase... this causes us to destroy things in order to give value to what's left....

I wrote a poem about the final cross - over from predation to symbiosis. Written by our future selves as a message of hope and celebration to support us as we move in the darker, tougher parts of the end times transition.

Please comment if you have something to say. I would really appreciate any feedback.

Very much love,

Simon x

ps. I haven't uploaded any audio but if you'd like it, let me know x

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