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Raf and Elle's journey

Elle was inquisitive.  The world seemed big and bright.
She travelled all around the globe.  She travelled day and night.
Raf was always with her; they went everywhere together.
They thought the world was beautiful, no matter what the weather.
They saw the Crystal Castles and they saw the Seven Seas.
They swam and laughed with dolphins; they made honey with the bees;
They sat around the fire with the silent and the wise;
And the world bestowed its knowledge as it shone into their eyes.
They rode across the desert on a special talking camel.
They visited the Igloos and they swam across the channel.
They travelled many roads, stopping only for a rest,
For theirs was not an amble but a purpose-driven quest.
Raf had magic powers: he could talk in many tongues;
The languages of ancient tribes were hidden in his lungs.
Elle, too, had powers.  She could walk amongst the dead.
She couldn’t always see them but she heard them in her head.
And so it was that Raf and Elle travelled all around,
Making friends with both the living and the dead beneath the ground.
Their quest was one of magnitude, to help the world to heal,
To bring about lucidity, to help us make it real.
It may be that you meet them on your journey through this life.
They may come to you with wisdom that will help to ease your strife.
Or maybe they will come to you so you can serve their cause,
And help them to continue in their quest to open doors.





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