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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Tuesday 3:40am

Business class as usual for the woman and her son:
She was dressed to run for office but she wasn’t having fun.
Jeremy, her little boy, was playing Solitaire
On the laptop that she needed – all her office notes were there.

“Jeremy, my little monkey, have you seen the view….?
“We could have got the Eurostar. I did this just for you.
“Come on Darling. Please be nice. Mummy has to work.
“So please give her the laptop now and, Darling, please don’t smirk.”

This lonely breed of power struggle always found its place
In their mother/son relationship: a never ending race.
Jeremy was angry that his Dad had gone away.
His mother was responsible and now she’d have to pay.

If Mummy had been nicer, Daddy would have stuck around,
And Jeremy and he could be together – on the ground.
But ‘Daddy and his boy’ were now as far apart as ever.
Mummy must have planned it all ’cause she was mean and clever.

But now she looked upset, and he didn’t want her crying.
She was scared of heights already and he’d forced her into flying.
So he slid the laptop over to her, climbed down off the chair
And sauntered to the window like he didn’t really care.

Secretly, he loved to see the world from such a height.
But he didn’t want his Mum to see his child-like delight.
So he chose a far off window where he could not be observed,
Though he had to pass a curtain and a sign that said, ‘reserved.’

And here was a window that was bigger than the rest.
“That’s why it was reserved,” he said. “It’s clearly the best.”
It even had a private seat: a single jumbo throne
In which there sat a woman sound asleep and quite alone.

She had the double eye patch on and didn’t move an inch.
When he waved his hand in front of her she didn’t even flinch.
So he climbed across her legs and put his face against the glass;
It was nice to cool his forehead as he watched the landscape pass.
As the fields flew beneath them and the cloud rolled into view
The aircraft disappeared in a tumbledown of dew.
White was all around them – a protection from the fear,
Giving Jeremy the seed for a marvellous idea.

What if he could disappear later, on the ground?
Surround himself with white until he wanted to be found?
It’d give him time to sit in peace and think about his Dad,
Even thought he knew that doing this would make him sad.

By the time the plane began it’s slow descent to land,
Jeremy’s idea was meticulously planned.
He’d do it while they waited by the luggage carousel.
It would need to start with magic words: a disappearing spell.

He’d scribbled down the words to remind him how to start –
When the wheels touched the runway he had learnt them all by heart.
Walking quickly through the airport, Mum was way ahead.
He shouted but she didn’t hear.
Then he tripped in sudden fear.
Now he watched her disappear,
As off the woman sped.

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