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All hail the 21st century (1st edition hardback with CD)

When I had no faith, I saw shadow, then I turned my head and saw light.

There is a growing belief that the word 'God' is little more than a poetic expression for the Universal life force that runs through everything and everyone.

A journey out of darkness, All hail the 21st century moves through the topics of loneliness, domestic violence, greed, stupidity, slavery, indifference, drug abuse, promiscuity . . .

and 'God' starts to turn up in the most unlikely places: in a pair of panties, in the eyes of a one night stand, in a vibration, a thought, and finally in the aftermath of humanity’s self-rule on planet Earth as we enter the first phase of conscious co-creation and an altogether new experience of existence as humanity.

Provocative and humourous, this 18 piece rhyming series allows the reader to look into the mirror of truth, without judgement or criticism.

The series will be available as an A5 fully illustrated hard back (from December 2011), complete with audio CD and illustrated by Adam Oehlers.

cost - £20.00

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