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Angels and Superheroes

My dear friend: your name has meaning, deep inside my heart.
And that, I guess, is how this ode from me to you must start.
I've wanted to express to you for years how I feel.
But up till now I didn't have the words to make it real.

And then I met a poet who's a sorcerer with words;
He  gives them wings to glide and fly like rare and precious birds.
I heard him speak.  I asked his name.  I offered him my gift:
I saw that I could help him with his quantum level shift.

We went for lunch and talked about the journey that we share;
The journey out of darkness into gratitude and care.
He writes poetic portraits that are valiant and true,
And this one is a gift, from heart to heart, from me to you.

Seven years ago I had all but lost my spark.
I was angry like a child, blind and screaming in the dark.
The scream was silent, cold and icy, empty as the grave,
And that was when my mother was unfathomably brave:

 She told a lie of cancellations, cousins and massage,
That was so low key, I fell for this deception; this mirage.
And that was how I came to see you, on that fateful day -
Massage for a birthday girl who'd lost the lighted way.

You saw me true and clear, and you said as I was leaving,
"Call me when you're ready."  I was rude and disbelieving.
"What a weird woman," I retorted in my head.
And so I left, ignoring you, went home and straight to bed.

I carried on ignoring you along the darkened road.
Shadow land became my chosen refuge and abode.
I shut out love and light until my world was fully broken.
And 3 months on, I heard again the words that you had spoken.

They flowed in from outside of me, "Call me when you're ready."
And though the thought appalled me, it was sweet and faintly heady.
And so I came to see you on a pact of secrecy,
Through my bitter floods of tears and the dark that fed on me.

And over time you taught me of the light that lives inside.
You showed me vulnerability is not a thing to hide.
You showed me by example how my faith could lead the way,
How the light of truth is there inside me, every single day.

I learnt to love and cherish.  I learnt the art of peace.
I learnt that vulnerability is spiritual release.
I learnt to love myself and I learnt to nourish hope
Where, prior to my knowing you, I'd not known how to cope.

You helped me turn the soil in the garden of my heart.
You taught me how to lead with love; how living is an art.
Relationships have opened all around like precious flowers.
I feel like a superhero, blessed with special powers.

And when I think of where I've been, how far I've come and why,
My heart explodes with gratitude.  It makes me want to cry.
I don't know if you understand how much you've given me.
I don't know if you know how much you've helped to set me free.

Every superhero has an angel as their guide.
For some the angel manifests as feelings deep inside.
For me the angel lives and breathes among us, on the Earth.
And you are she, my dear friend, the angel of my birth.

Poetic portrait from anonymous to My dear friend on her birthday

Written 7th January 2015 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

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