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The unusual door
I'm not the kind of chap who gazes forward far ahead,
And though, on Monday mornings, I would like to stay in bed,
The vigour of my working day excites me more and more:
There are constantly new challenges, and EVERY kind of door!

Doors I find appealing as they head from here to there;
Beyond each one there's something new and, possibly, quite rare!
Things that are unusual will always draw me in,
And when it is a person, then that fellow is my kin.

So, fella, this is just to say the following is true:
I thank the doors that lead the way, the path that brought me you,
And though I don't think far ahead and cannot see the end,
My heart is glowing bright for you, my partner and my friend.

Poetic portrait from husband to husband
1st February 2015 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

This was a poetic portrait written for a visitor to my Fig2  solo exhibition at the ICA in January 2015.

What is a Poetic Portrait?

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