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I am not subversive
Just behind the KFC is where I sit and work.
I often stand and pace to stop my mind from going berserk.
Thoughts and feelings emanate and land upon the page
of the sketchbook that I keep in which the friction burns.  Like rage.

Friction only happens when you rub two things together,
Like vacuum bags and stormy clouds and other kinds of weather.
I see a thing and turn it upside down to see what's there.
I do not have a fixed agenda; circular or square.

And in my explorations I can see myself anew;
Reflections of the parts of me from fantasy to true.
So as I grow and learn and play behind the KFC,
My empire is growing.  I'm subversive – this is me!

Poetic portrait for a young artist
1st February 2015 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

This was a poetic portrait written for a visitor to my Fig2  solo exhibition at the ICA in January 2015.

What is a Poetic Portrait?

I followed a tweet  Where exactly am I?
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