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David Soames

David Soames: The man of power, property and wealth.
David Soames: The man of business, pleasure, sport and health.
David Soames: The man of lust with women and with men.
David Soames: The stallion.  Again! Again! Again!
David Soames: The party piece; the centre of the crowd.
David Soames: The talented, the handsome and the proud.
David Soames: The married warlord: fierce as a bear.
David Soames: The conqueror of other people’s care.
He loves to play the chasing games.   He loves to prowl about.
Others’ vulnerabilities are his to snuffle out.
He loves to make his lovers happy and to make them sad,
But most of all he loves to leave, and watch them turning bad.
He’s golden.  He is glorious: A trophy and a prize;
A mirror for the dancing hope in other people’s eyes.
Hungry like an animal; vicious like a beast;
Relentless as a sun that always rises in the East.
David Soames: The benefactor.  David Soames: The kind.
David Soames: The saviour of the lonely and the blind.
David Soames: The poker player, David Soames the smart.
David Soames: The seeker of the weak and empty heart.
David Soames is out there.  He is popular and bright.
David Soames can make the day as dark as any night.
David Soames seduces with the power of a mage.
David Soames can fill the void with many shades of rage.
He’ll take you out for dinner.   He will take you out to dance.
He’ll gaze into your eyes and, given half a chance,
He will slyly plant a little seed, no bigger than a pea,
In the garden of your spirit in a spot you cannot see.
The seed becomes a tree with roots that plunder hard and deep.
And all the other plants and flowers die or go to sleep,
And in the darkest branches, made of broken hearted dreams
Is a house for David Soames.  It stands empty and it screams.
And how is it I know all this?  I’ve seen.  I’ve watched.  I’ve learned.
I’ve made mistakes with love, and for an equal I have yearned.
I’ve had my treasures taken by the beast that always roams.
So you wouldn’t know to look at me that I am David Soames.





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