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3rd November 2012

New offer:

Every day I will try to write poem in response to the topic/subject matter chosen by YOU! Starting today. What would you like a poem about? Please share this post on your walls - the more suggestions, the more diversity! xxx

Does the Universe have a purpose? Is this just a joke?
What is it I’m here for? I’m just yer average bloke.
Sometimes the Lads come over for a pizza and a beer.
We often end up wrestling but no one calls us queer.

Most of us are married but there’s 2 of us that aren’t –
I love to play the field, see. So, married life: I can’t.
I’ve got a bird I see sometimes, and 2 or 3 nice men;
I like’em all enough to do the do with them again.

But when yer not in love even though the bonking’s good,
There’s this quiet little rumble that yer just not understood.
Maybe I’m autistic, like a lonely autumn leaf;
Once, a part of some great tree; now, decomposed beneath.

So even though there’s fireworks with really horny sex,
I’m not the tough guy you all know and love as that guy, Rex.
I’m soft, yer see, and sometimes I just wanna run away.
I think it’s time to book my flight. I need a holiday.

11:11pm 3rd November 2012 © Simon Welsh Poetry


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