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Aeroplane Anomaly

What would people like to hear a poem about today?

Wild and expansive, stupid and silly, profound and nonsensical? Keep your words and phrases coming in, and once I land in England and have wended my way home to The Old House, I will craft something delicious for you all. I look forward to your responses and shares... let's make today's a BIG one! Simon x

Yesterday, I travelled fifteen minutes back in time.
A part of me may still be there though, physically, I’m fine.
I’ll call this ‘time’ the ‘window’ for the purpose of this piece,
And, as you would expect, it gave my spirit great release.

For through the window, I saw something I’ve not seen before;
A mermaid in the ocean, swimming, near my homeland shore.
Instinctively I knew that she was following me home:
She swam with such tenacity through swelling froth and foam.

I guess she came from Luxembourg where Siegfried broke her heart.
It may be that she’d had enough of tourism and art.
I wonder, though, if England will be the change she needs:
A canvas suitable to picture Melusina’s deeds?

Maybe she’ll be famous as a pop star or swimmer,
Wearing stuck on silver nails with an underwater shimmer,
Singing like the busker on the London Underground:
Mesmerising tunelessness; Norwegian woody sound.

But Green Park station, surely, is no place to house a fish.
If I could I’d ask her, “Melusina, what’s your wish?”
I’m sure she would surprise me and request a pair of wings
Made of feathers from the gardens of the richest queens and kings,

Or perhaps she’ll find a lake near a Scotch organic farm
Where the water’s clean and poison-free, ok to drink and calm.
She would bring the farmers luck – they have had a dreadful year;
The drought, the rain, the icy cold. It’s not been easy here.

But would she really come to England? Ask Old Father Thames?
He’s wise and blesses certain things whilst, others, he condemns.
“The magic of our winter time will not suit her,” he’ll say.
“I plan to freeze, this winter, see? So send that fish away!”

Monday 12th November 2012 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

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