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The lost paedo-FILES

The lost paedo-FILES (a fiction based on speculation)

This topic is distasteful to the many. It is true.
It seems that those who dare to look are far between and few.
But now it’s time for all of us to step up; to be brave,
To ask how many children have gone early to their grave;

To ask how many innocents have crumpled in the dark,
To a band of secret monsters who are feeding on the spark
Of divinity that comes with us to Earth when we are born.
From the weak and from the innocent, this spark is being torn.

Recent news suggests that that the ring is wide and deep.
If this is true, the implications make me want to weep.
Jimmy Saville seemed to know a lot of folk in power.
He was knighted by the Queen in his most prolific hour.

And what about Her Majesty, Elizabeth, our Queen?
Perhaps you’ve never heard about, or read about, or seen
The Holyrood agreement that she signed in 2010,
That has housed the Church of England in the paedophile den.

Yes that’s right, the Pope was there. The Vatican’s main man –
So take a moment now, to imagine, if you can,
These two at work to silence ALL who speak of child rape.
Is this story chilling you? Is it taking shape?

The information’s out there if you’re brave enough to seek it.
The news is old, so nobody is going to wikileak it.
Kamloops school in Canada, 1964,
This is only one example. There are many many more:

Reportedly, the Queen took 10 children on a walk.
They had to kiss her feet and they weren’t allowed to talk.
None of them came back or were ever seen again,
And, still, nobody knows, for sure, what happened to these 10.

These stories cover decades of the Monarchy and Church,
And though the implications make my heart and stomach lurch,
I ask the question now of our current politicians,
Are they truly worthy of their powerful positions?

Or are they, too, embroiled in this dark satanic spell,
Where, globally, our precious young are buggered into Hell,
By a power structure bent on the enslavement of our Race,
How many children have to vanish; leave without a trace?

It may be that you don’t believe in ritual sacrifice.
And though I can’t pretend I know; though I have no advice,
Research has led me, finally, to these condemning questions.
I have no personal proof it’s true. Nor can I make suggestions.

But based upon the data I have found; both old and new,
My heart is whispering that, maybe, all of it is true.
That the Ninth Circle Cult is real; leading all involved
In satanic rape and butchery and vanishings unsolved.

50,000 children may, in Canada alone,
Have gone to Hell before they died at the hands of state and throne.
So far 31 mass graves have hereto been found,
Filled with children’s shattered hearts and bones beneath the ground.

Have you heard of Hollie Greig; why she fled from Aberdeen;
The corrupt incarceration of her saviour, Robert Green?
Have you heard of Kevin Annett: hero of our time,
Holding Pope and Queen responsible for Genocidal crime –

Princes and Archbishops, too, he’s called to take the stand.
The Vatican are hunting him with methods underhand.
And so, like Snowdon, Annett seeks to bring the truth to light.
Many others now are blowing whistles in this fight.

The News, today announced more than 100 missing files
Relating to the UK’s police reports on paedophiles.
They’ve said that they are going to inquire. Whoop de doo.
This statement is pathetic. Is it good enough for you?

I do not claim to understand or even know the facts;
But what I do know, hand on heart, is these demonic acts
Are not enough to block the flow of our returning power;
Our purity and bravery get stronger by the hour.

Goddess Isis has returned; fierce, strong and bright.
May darkness run in terror from the Truth of Love and Light,
And may ALL who have been practicing the practices of Hell,
Understand that WE are waking from your dark satanic spell.

Time for you to join with us. Let go your cruel agenda.
Why not choose, instead, to be Humanity’s defender.
You know the Light has won, that the Dark has had its time.
So let yourself surrender to the Truth within this rhyme.

7th July 2014 ©Simon Welsh Poetry

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Hard to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBtrb_cr6fc

Inspired by the today's news headline in the Daily Mail (8th July 2014):

New twist in Westminster scandal: 114 secret files on paedophile cases missing, admits Government...

And this from the Guardian: Theresa May vows child abuse inquiry will take on the establishment

And even in the Telegraph: George Osborne: We need to find 'the truth and nothing but the truth' behind paedophile claims

Poetry is a form of art and should not be taken as fact:

Paedophile conspiracy, Queen of England, Duke of Edinburgh, Archbishop of Canterbury, politicians implicated, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Pope Ratzinger, black magic, ninth circle cult ritual, return of Isis.

Disclaimer: all research has come from internet articles that have not been verified by God and may, therefore, contain errors. Therefore the works herein are categorised as fiction and not intended to be taken as fact. Please research any references of interest yourself.
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