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Instructions for your bank
Paying directly into the Simon Welsh Poetry bank account is easy and cost effective (for me) as Paypal, although they run a convenient service, charge me a 4% commission on all monies received if you bill them as services.

In order to make you transfer, either online or by phone, you will need the following details:

Account Name: Mr Simon Welsh
Sort code: 30-99-72 (Lloyds Bank)
Account number: 16824760
Ref: Patron for SWP

For international trasactions where you need my international details:

IBAN: GB59LOYD30997216824760
BIC number: LOYDGB21245

£ Amount for Patronage - your choice!!

£ Amount for books - £15/£12 per book (All hail/Magic happens), £3.50 postage and packing (UK or abroad) for the first book, and an additional £1 for each additional book in the order.

This account has been specifically created to recieve patronage/book orders, and all monies in this account are guaranteed to be spent on the production of Simon Welsh Poetry books and the cost of illustrations for future projects.

If your currency is going to be converted from either the Euro or the Dollar, please go to www.XE.com and use the currency converter to work out how much of your mother currency equates to the patronage level at which you have chosen to support Simon Welsh Poetry.

Please ensure that you also send an email to author@simonwelshpoetry.co.uk including details of your chosen level of patronage / number of books in the order, your name, your phone number and your postal address.  Equally, if you prefer, you can fill out the contact form below.

I can't thank you enough for what you are doing, and I'm certainly not going to try here.  But please know that as my career moves to the next level, you will not only have helped me to acheive it, moreover you will always be part of this wonderful adventure.




Contact Simon:
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