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Finkymimp and Tanzy (audio)

Tanzy was a twinkle-mitt. She ran around five fingered.
She lived inside the wardrobe where the smell of mothballs lingered.
She twindled and she oodled out the dusty days and nights,
But she never climbed the coats because she was afraid of heights.

She chewed on hems and skirty things and little trouser pieces,
And when she tired, went to sleep in cosy pocket creases.
But Tanzy was afraid of being always on her own –
She didn’t have a telly and she didn’t have a phone.

All that Tanzy wanted was a little wardrobe mate.
So one night she asked the Maker. She said, “Maker, please create_
“A little friend for me to be with through the dusty days and nights . . .

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