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Very little pepper (audio)

Pepper was the smallest girl the world had ever seen,
Her home, a tiny cottage that was built upon a bean.
Pepper called her cottage ‘home;’ she’d been there since forever.
Her best friend was the farmer’s son, a handsome boy called Trevor.

Trevor got up early every day to work the field,
And every bean but Pepper’s he regarded as the yield.
But Pepper’s bean was magical, and Trevor knew it well –
He’d built a tiny net beneath, in case it ever fell.

After Trevor’s work was done he’d find a spot to sit;
Pepper couldn’t ask him in – he simply wouldn’t fit.
And over time their feelings grew from loyalty and trust,
And Pepper’s heart said, “Tell him. You don’t want to but you must.”

So finally, one night as Trevor sat, she softly said,
“There’s nothing I can do my friend. You’re always in my head.
“And in my heart it sometimes hurts when you have gone away,
“Even though I know we’ll see each other every day.”

Trevor looked at Pepper now, and tiny though she was,
She felt that she was just as big as he, and that’s because . . .

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