Thank you

'Thank you' is a prayer of power full of charged intent.
'Thank you' is acknowledging that EVERYTHING is meant.
'Please' can sometimes work, but it gives away our power.
God is not a single being in a cloudy tower.

God is all creation and it flows through everything.
If we were beads, all joined together, God would be the string.
All of us together form a chain across the Earth.
The string vibrates in all of us, filling us with worth.

Some of what the Bible says is good and pure and true.
But some of it says God does not reside in me and you.
It says that God is watching us and judging who we are.
This is not true - wake up now - our race has come too far

To be swindled out of love and warmth; the truth is in your heart.
So if you've never looked there, then maybe you should start.
The vibration's always there but it's easy to ignore,
Like an unobtrusive knocking on a very tiny door.

If you're angry or you're scared or you live inside your head,
Someone may have told you love is passé or it's dead.
It may be that you're hurting and have no more room to trust.
But the void cannot be filled by entertainment or by lust.

If this sounds, to you, like a preachy piece of Bible,
Then perhaps the world has taught you to be primitively tribal.
But making all your choices from the confines of your mind
Is like trying to cross a river when its depth is undefined.

So . . .

Thank you for the love I have, for what it makes me mean.
Thank you for the gift of sight, the gift of being seen.
Thank you for the blessings that you give me every day,
And for living in my heart and for showing me the way.

© Simon Welsh Poetry 21st January 2010





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