Such is life that money is an all-pervasive tool.
Money makes the millionaire.  Money makes the fool.
Money helps us think and act in ways that do not serve
As we feel forced to measure what we do and don't deserve.

Money has no care for us though we have care for money.
For some, it builds us castles in the land of milk and honey.
For others, it's the chains that lock our ankle to our wrist
As they traffic us through Europe to be raped and never kissed.

Some of us have bank accounts.  By day we wear the tie:
Through hard work and investing we can make it multiply.
But some of us have burnt our ties.  We try to help the poor.
But we don't have any money so we can't get past the door.

Money says that scarcity must always be the theme.
For money's only real if abundance is the dream;
If abundance is reality, we all have what we need
Then there is no place for money - no requirement for greed.

There is no place for politics nor debt-related grief.
As desperation vanishes, so too does the thief.
Religion gives its seat up to the paradigm of Unity.
Wars will cease, there'll be no police, as we're embraced by sweet release.

This is OUR community.


Dedicated to the community of Lewes, for its strength of character, its independence, and for having its own currency!





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