Beyond the understanding of you

“Yes, I understand,” we say. We say it all the time.
There’s nothing wrong with saying this. It’s not like it’s a crime.
But when we say “I understand,” we mean “I stand beneath.”
So be careful what you understand: what you stand underneath.

When you ‘understand’ something. That thing becomes the truth:
You understand that getting old is understood by youth;
You understand your name, your age, exam results, degrees,
How much you’re worth (in business) made of paper, made from trees.

You understand the skills you have. The skills you have not learned.
You understand you’ll never dance the samba like you yearned.
You understand you’ll work your arse off till your sixty five.
And after that you may explore the gifts of being alive.

Understanding something is agreeing that it’s true,
Adding textures to the contract of the painted life of you.
So take an active role from here in what you understand.
Understand you’re beautiful. Let yourself be grand.

1:36am 14th June 2013 ©Simon Welsh Poetry